What is behind the Reméd quality?

Each and every garment has a life cycle. The life cycle begins with conceptual design and ends with rigorous quality checks. The true quality of the product comes when each and every step is executed using best practices and high-quality materials. Sadly, many fashion companies do not adhere to such high standards. They forgo premium materials for whatever is cheapest. Workers are exploited to push profit margins as far as possible. People who buy from such companies knowingly or unknowingly become a part of the problem. We built Reméd with the vision that by being fully transparent, there is no question of our practices. By not hiding our factories or suppliers, we believe we are creating a mindspace where you can shop with trust and ease. For this vision, we have taken steps to ensure fair sourcing and transparent production of the highest quality. Here is our approach.


We visit factories


We personally visit factories, see the working conditions for everyone, research how they are sourcing materials, and get to know it’s people. We believe working with people who have the same vision as us (to provide a quality product while being fair at every step of the way) is the most important thing in ensuring our vision becomes a reality.



We get samples made for our designs


Once we have selected the company we work with to create our product we start by getting samples for our designs. At this point, we are looking at the quality of the material and stitching to ensure it aligns with our standards. 


We do fittings (on various genders and body types)


After seeing the quality of the materials we start doing fittings. These fittings are done on real people of various sizes and shapes (as opposed to fixed-size mannequins) to really see our clothes on a wide group of people. 


We try and test our products for a month


We go ahead and try our products. Like really try our products. We wear them, wash them, dry them to see if they are still good as new. If not, we are back to the drawing board.



We produce the small-batch amount that we want 


We look at each product to check that the sizing, colors, and all embroidery is done to the highest standard. As we are only starting out and have limited capacity, we produce in small batches to ensure each one of these steps is carried out with care.


We iterate


Our difference in quality comes from our dedication to understand our customers need. We are curious to hear every little detail that our customers will share with us. We use these feedbacks to iterate on our products and make sure that we make our clothes better with each production cycle. 

Our goal is to always be learning, experimenting and perfecting. We believe our product is only as good as the feedback we receive. We create the best quality products, hand in hand with you, our customers.